4 Elements Your Listing Needs to Wow Home Buyers

4 Elements Your Listing Needs to Wow Home Buyers

  • The Premier Property Group
  • 06/22/23
The collection of luxury homes found throughout Florida's gorgeous 30A region is among the most celebrated in the country. Boasting incredible variety, impeccable design, and top construction techniques, 30A promises a front-row seat to the absolute best of the Emerald Coast's stunning landscape. There's truly an inherent “wow” factor within every upscale community here.

When listing one of those luxurious, impeccably crafted homes for sale, how do you ensure your property stands apart? How do you position it to appeal to the segment of discerning buyers most likely to make an offer on your home?

The good news is that when selling a home in an alluring community like Seaside or Blue Mountain Beach real estate, you're already on an upward trend based on location and name recognition. The majority of deep-pocketed buyers come to 30A well aware of the elegance and sophistication of properties here.

To achieve optimal results, partner with a seasoned and savvy local agent with a penchant for closing ultra-luxe listings at or above their asking. With an expert by your side, you'll be that much closer to a highly profitable sale.

All that's left to do is include the following elements your listing needs to impress home buyers. Read on!

1. Professionally shot, high-quality visuals

Your property's online presence is often a buyer's first interaction with your home, from your listing agent's website to the MLS to a stand-alone website. To ensure the all-important “wow” factor, that first impression needs to exude luxury.

Hire a professional photographer who knows how to take sweeping exterior shots with the home framed by a coastal landscape or a backdrop of other impressive properties. Along the interior, you want to show off images that capture the depth and details of the property’s architecture and its most compelling features. Set up photos that show off the magnificent views, modern kitchen, home office space, and clear waters of the back patio pool. When it comes to the views, incorporate the beach and surrounding landscape as much as possible.

To capture this high-quality, high-resolution property photo collection, seek a professional photographer specializing in luxury real estate. Your listing agent may offer several referrals, but ensure you interview the photographer yourself. Peruse their website, speak to references, read reviews, and scrutinize their past work. You'll quickly discern those possessing a sophisticated eye for luxury photography. You'll want a photographer who is well-versed in the requirements for showcasing a multimillion-dollar listing and using the latest imaging technology, including drone footage, video, or virtual tours. 

2. High-end staging efforts

Though home staging has become popular at all levels of real estate, it requires more thought and effort when incorporating it into an upscale home. Especially when you consider the opulence and elegance many have come to expect in a Blue Mountain Beach home, you want to create a showroom-worthy space that buyers can connect with and visualize as their own personal oasis or a viable destination or investment property.

Before clearing away any clutter, installing updated furniture, or snapping photos, you'll first want to sit down with your listing agent and develop a plan for positioning and presenting your home to buyers. The primary question is, who are you staging for? Are you focusing on a broad audience, so your listing needs to capture the attention of as many buyers as possible? Does your 30A property appeal to a narrower buyer group, such as families, retirees, or investors?

Lean on your real estate agent's marketing insight to determine the best approach. You don't want to limit who your home appeals to, but you should avoid losing valuable time to less-than-enthusiastic home seekers.

In Blue Mountain Beach real estate and other areas of 30A, you are appealing to high-end luxury buyers. Be prepared to invest in upscale furnishings and decor that play to your listing's strengths and, at the same time, minimize its weaknesses. Not every room requires the complete staging treatment, but the kitchen, living room, family rooms, and the primary ensuite are your absolutes.

When it comes time for the heavy lifting, hire a professional stager to formulate the design and execute the vision. Partnering with a top Destin real estate agent means having access to their network of trusted service providers, including stagers or interior designers.

Give your listing a boost by ensuring the property's beautiful outdoor space and entertainment areas get the staging treatment as well. Whether it’s a deck or patio area, staging these exterior spaces further promotes the home's level of allure.

3. A story, not a summation

An often-overlooked element of a luxury home listing is the property description. Often used as a space-filling info dump for specifics easily found elsewhere on a listing, the copy ends up woefully neglected, with little, if any, “wow” factor. Why? Many sellers believe that buyers won't bother to read it.

The reality is, though, that your home's online description is vital to highlighting its top features and the luxury lifestyle it offers.

Given the amount of research and luxury home "window-shopping" buyers do with their smartphones, aside from your lead property photo, the property description is the first thing a buyer sees. This is particularly true for the online listings on a luxury agent's website, where that initial block of copy is prominently featured. Therefore, even if it's a quick scan, buyers do read the copy, absorb the details, and form an opinion based on your narrative. Impress upon them why your Blue Mountain Beach home is worthy of their attention.

Make your property description stand out by creating a genuine narrative of why someone would want to purchase your home. Your property description is the perfect place to reinforce and incorporate the finer points of your home's best features into a lively narrative. Showcase the unique qualities of the property and spaces for entertaining guests or the intimacy and coziness it conveys for a family-centered vacation. Highlight its close-knit community or the solace and serenity of its prestigious setting. Discuss the architectural details and the history or specific story linked to the home or immediate neighborhood.

4. More than buying a home

To create the highest level of appeal, your listing should describe the luxury lifestyle your buyers can expect. In fact, for home sales in many of 30A's most exclusive, sought-after enclaves, the lifestyle is as much a part of the transaction as the home and the land it sits on.

Imagine, for a moment, a leisurely drive along 30A with the top down in your favorite sports coupe. From the late afternoon sun casting a radiant reddish-orange hue in the sky to the celebrated array of beachfront boutiques, chic restaurants, and retro airstream food trucks, there is so much to enjoy in 30A. With picturesque views, serene state parks, and beach access alcoves, your buyers can look forward to abundant adventure and amenities. This is the type of experience buyers aspire to find when buying a home in 30A, whether it’s Blue Mountain Beach real estate, Seaside, or Rosemary Beach.

Every aspect of your listing — from the staging and photos to the property description and how you position your home — should highlight the region's unparalleled luxury lifestyle.

Get started on your selling journey

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