How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Space for Entertaining Guests at Your Florida Home

How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Space for Entertaining Guests at Your Florida Home

  • Elizabeth Boswell
  • 05/13/22
One of the most appealing aspects of living in 30A on Florida’s Emerald Coast is that you can entertain outdoors nearly all year round. From backyard barbecues to al fresco meals on the patio, there’s always a good reason to gather with friends and family in the fresh air and sunshine. If you’re looking for ways to improve your outdoor living space at your Florida home, these are some tips on creating the perfect outdoor oasis that guests will absolutely love.

Create a Covered Area

As any 30A homeowner knows, the Florida sun can be punishing throughout most of the day. A covered area will give your guests some respite from the heat and provide protection from rainy season showers. In addition, a covered area helps to create a sense of space in what otherwise might be a large undefined space.

Level Up Your Landscaping

A well-kept yard with beautiful greenery will give your guests something to look at and add to your home’s appeal. Before your outdoor event, take some time to trim the grass and get rid of any dead branches and overgrowth. You may want to consider planting flowers for a pop of color or adding shrubs for extra privacy.

Invest in Comfortable Patio Furniture

Good patio furniture should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Comfortable cushions and roomy seating will make your guests want to settle in and stay for a while. Strategically placed side tables provide places to set drinks and food. If you have a pool, sun loungers are an absolute must.

Use Lighting to Create Ambiance

Lighting can make all the difference for your outdoor living space. Instead of using harsh overhead lights, think about adding fairy lights or lanterns to illuminate your patio, garden lights or tiki lights to brighten up and designate pathways, or uplighting to highlight trees in your yard and show off all your space.

Install Fans for Better Airflow

Even though most 30A homes are either right on the beach or not far from it, those ocean breezes don’t always cut through the Florida heat. A few fans can provide much-needed airflow and have a cooling effect. Consider installing overhead fans if you have the space or stand-alone fans for a garden setting.

Consider an Outdoor Kitchen

No host wants to be stuck in the kitchen cooking while their guests are outdoors enjoying the fresh air. An outdoor kitchen will allow you to create meals and chat with your company at the same time. Even better if you have a refrigerator, built-in cooler, or bar where you can easily grab cold drinks without going far.

Add a Water Feature for More Zen

A water feature can create a sense of instant calm in your backyard. The soothing sound of water bubbling will put your guests at ease and give them something beautiful to look at. Water features like fountains, creeks, and ponds also attract birds, which can add to the garden oasis effect.

Make the Most of Your Views

If you own a 30A home, you probably have great views of the ocean, sand dunes, or tropical foliage. Place your patio furniture so that it offers guests the best vantage points to those views. If necessary, cut down or trim trees and plants that may be obstructing direct lines of vision to the ocean or attractive features nearby. 
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